Meet Stephenie!

Helloooo! I’m Stephenie. I am in the process of completing my Master’s in Music Therapy at Ohio University (from afar). My Bachelor’s was in Music Theory from the University of North Texas, so I have a unique perspective as a someone who’s experienced the graduate equivalency life. Like Arianna, I completed my internship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (May 2016). After internship, I took a job in Atlantic City, where I work with children ages 3-17 who have witnessed domestic violence. This means that I have clients with a wide variety of diagnoses, ranging from ADHD to depression and anxiety. While I am pretty new to the concept of music therapy blogging, I am, however, obsessed with research. I am always consulting JMT, Perspectives, and the latest Jessica Kingsley publications for ideas and themes that birth session “seedlings.” I am pretty isolated from my music therapy colleagues/supervisors/friends.  This blog is, for me, a way to stay connected with the music therapy community, receive feedback on ideas, and share my experiences as a new professional working with a population that isn’t highlighted too much in the MT research.

Extra fun facts: I’m active in the Winterguard International (WGI) and Drum Corps International (DCI) community, and teach drumline on weekends. I’m also a part of the Philadelphia Eagles drumline!  I like coffee-shop vibes, vegan tacos, and mixing clothing patterns. Also, I use art instead of music for my own self-care.

I’m so excited to contribute to the growth of our community!





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