School – Week 13

This was the week of Thanksgiving, so it was a short one. I mostly finished up some activities with my classes that I’ve already talked about in other posts.

Turkey, Turkey, Turkey: One new intervention I used was Thanksgiving themed. I used the idea from this blog post. The kids in the class sat in a circle, with one person outside facing away. I sang the song listed in the post, while we passed a paper turkey that I colored and cut out around the circle. As it ended, the student with the turkey hid it behind his or her back. Then the student outside the circle asked or sang “Turkey where are you?” (I didn’t focus as much on the actual singing for my students – if they didn’t want to sing I didn’t force them). Then whoever had the turkey said “You’ll never find me” while trying to disguise their voice. A couple different categories I had for different voices were high pitched, low pitched, silly voice, under water voice (moving finger back and forth on lips while talking), whisper, talking with your tongue out, etc. Then I gave the person outside the circle two chances to guess who has the turkey. I used this less as a specific lesson or assessment focused on singing and made it more of a socialization activity where they got to be a little silly and make different voices. They also had to follow directions and continue to pass the turkey even if they wanted to be the person who holds it.

That’s really all for Week 13!

– Arianna (:


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