School – Week 14

As it was still around Thanksgiving, we also had Monday off this week, so it was another short week. Only one new intervention this week, too!

Busted: This one is all over Pinterest for music education. I made popsicle sticks with different rhythm patterns on them and put them in a drum. I also wrote the word BUSTED! on 5 sticks. Then I went around the room to each student. If they pulled a stick with a rhythm and clapped it correctly, they got to keep the stick. If they pulled a stick with BUSTED! they had to surrender all their sticks and start from scratch. It’s a pretty simple game that the kids seemed to enjoy. They all got excited when another BUSTED! stick was pulled. You can kind of play it by ear as to whether you want to leave the BUSTED! sticks out after they’re pulled or put them back in. Just depends on how long you want the game to be. This one clearly is more lesson-based, but it does address coping with a loss in a small way. You could also adapt it to write whatever you want on the sticks

Another short post for ya!

– Arianna (:


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