Meet Stephenie!

Helloooo! I’m Stephenie. I am in the process of completing my Master’s in Music Therapy at Ohio University (from afar). My Bachelor’s was in Music Theory from the University of North Texas, so I have a unique perspective as a someone who’s experienced the graduate equivalency life. Like Arianna, I completed my internship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (May 2016). After internship, I took a job in Atlantic City, where I work with children ages 3-17 who have witnessed domestic violence. This means that I have clients with a wide variety of diagnoses, ranging from ADHD to depression and anxiety. While I am pretty new to the concept of music therapy blogging, I am, however, obsessed with research. I am always consulting JMT, Perspectives, and the latest Jessica Kingsley publications for ideas and themes that birth session “seedlings.” I am pretty isolated from my music therapy colleagues/supervisors/friends.  This blog is, for me, a way to stay connected with the music therapy community, receive feedback on ideas, and share my experiences as a new professional working with a population that isn’t highlighted too much in the MT research.

Extra fun facts: I’m active in the Winterguard International (WGI) and Drum Corps International (DCI) community, and teach drumline on weekends. I’m also a part of the Philadelphia Eagles drumline!  I like coffee-shop vibes, vegan tacos, and mixing clothing patterns. Also, I use art instead of music for my own self-care.

I’m so excited to contribute to the growth of our community!





Meet Arianna!

Hiya! My name is Arianna. I graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2015 and completed my internship with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in March of 2016. Since passing my board certification exam in April, I have been working as a music therapist in the Pittsburgh area with children with a variety of diagnoses. Our primary population served is children with autism, but many of our clients have other developmental disabilities and/or mental health diagnoses as well. I also serve children in a school setting with emotional/behavioral disorders. I feel so fortunate to be in a city that I love doing the work that I love! Throughout my clinical training, I’ve done a LOT of searching on the internet to help spark my session planning process. I’m very familiar with many of the popular music therapy blogs, pins on Pinterest, and things of that nature. With this blog I hope to inspire people like me with new ideas to use in their work. In our internship, Stephenie and I always called them “seedlings.” Sometimes all you need is a seedling, or a basic idea, that you can grow into a wonderful and effective intervention!

A little more about me: I love getting outside and being active, buuuuuut then again I also appreciate a good Netflix-in-bed day. As you might guess, I try to play music in my spare time as well. My music taste has been described as “coffeehouse-y.” I love artists like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Andy Grammer, The Script, and Gavin Degraw. I also looove country music, and I do enjoy pop music, too. I like to read when I can find the time, and I enjoy a good workout sesh. I love cheesy jokes, tacos, and spending time at the beach.

Looking forward to sharing what I can with you all!